Bitcoin poker game

Not all players in online casinos know that playing poker on bitcoins is a great opportunity to get the most out of your funds

In addition to completely anonymous game and without third-party access to information about your translations and caches, you will get access to the most profitable deals and offers from poker with bitcoin rooms. Unlike players who prefer traditional poker rooms with real currencies (euros, dollars, pounds and so on), you will enjoy instant money transfers, minimal commissions, low rake and many other advantages.

In addition to all this, players from the US will find it an excellent decision to play poker on bitcoins, because, as it turns out, due to legalization and prohibition, this is the only real opportunity to enjoy this great game on the Internet, for residents of most states. Reading our constantly updated poker section, you will have full access to the best selection of Bitcoin poker news and any updates. Moreover, in USA usually players of live holdem poker can win bigger amounts of win.

Let’s say that you already have a certain amount of BTC on your digital wallet

But very little gaming experience in online poker. In this case, you will most likely want to try to play poker on more favourable terms at the beginning, without unnecessary risks of losing your game bankroll, which, for obvious reasons, is absolutely encouraged by us. Being a complete beginner, you will understand how really it is insulting to lose the majority, or even the whole, of your bitcoin bankroll in the first hours of the game after registering a gaming account and playing with stronger and more experienced players than you.

That’s why, many specialized websites first of all will offer you to try your hand playing free bitcoin poker. You will not need to put real, blood bitcoins to play at the cache tables or in tournaments where you will play the same as you beginners and hone your poker skills. And later, when you get the experience and confidence to challenge more experienced players, you can practice in tournaments with free entry (freerolls), but you are fighting for real prize money and, probably, the BTC winnings from such tournaments will serve as the initial foundation for building your bankroll. As you already understood, registration on freerolls is completely free and there will be a relatively large number of players involved, and the prize money will be very small, so, most likely, at some point you will want to play more serious poker.

In this case, we advise you to pay attention to tournaments with buy-ins, where at registration you pay a small entrance fee and participate in tournaments with a lot of bitcoins and with fewer players. In principle, such tournaments with minimal registration fees can also be classified as “free poker”, because often played more bitcoins than they were collected during registration (among players this phenomenon is called an overlay). As you understand, you can play only freerolls and not spend absolutely nothing, but then you will not have a chance to recharge your bitcoin purse even with a win in a freerol.

Therefore, if you are able and confident in your abilities, we advise you to invest in small buy- and then you will feel all the charm and advantages of online coin poker. If you want, you can get tickets and buy-ins for special bitcoin poker tournaments, register in the raffle for live poker events (events), participate in races and championships, and get a large amount of compulsory things as part of bonuses or promotions available on bitcoin poker sites.